Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweater Rescue

Approximately three years after I started knitting it, I have a new fall sweater:

Prior to its release last week the sweater had been living under our bed, wrapped in plastic, all knit except for the top part of one sleeve. I started this project back when I still thought it was a good idea to design my own sweaters using the free demo of Knitware. Somewhere in there I sort of lost faith in my design vision (fitted stockinette raglan with picot edging = boring) and then there were many friends' babies and the wedding shawls and the alpaca was forgotten.

Because 100% alpaca ain't cheap, I had originally gone digging under the bed with the intention of cannibalizing it to make Camden (sans sleeves), but then I thought it was an awful lot of knitting to just rip out, and so I decided to finish the sleeve, sew it up, and see what I thought. And I think it's pretty nice. Nice enough to keep after all that freaking seaming, anyway.

yarn: Misti Alpaca Worsted, color 7300
needle: # 5
pattern: made using Knitware
yardage: exactly enough:

In other words, after knitting the remaining portion of the sleeve and seaming, I had this much left:

Rock star finish.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that sweater. It's beautiful and I love the picot edging it has on it. Absolutely fabulous and I covet your alpaca sweater.

tara said...

great sweater- i love alpaca too. a nice classic shape.

Berberella said...

that sweater really is awesome. the colour is great ! i don't think the edging is boring -- i think it's subtle. i, too, covet it !! :)