Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Sweater

Blogging on July 4th? Do I not have a life? In fact, I do have a life, but it starts on July 5th, when we head up to the Adirondacks for ten days of lakeside fun with the blood relatives I actually like. Hooray!

In the meantime, the Mossy Cardi is finished, and it is a stunner.

It only seems that this blog has been taken over by Brooklyntweed.

Perfect buttons.

Still maybe not quite worth the $60 in yarn, but close. Which is saying a lot for a baby sweater.

It's extremely wearable, too - I tried it on db and the off-center opening really works - nice drape over the baby belly. The problem is of course that it's a little big on her, and she's almost one, and the baby for whom I knit it will turn one in not to think too hard about this. Especially since I chose to knit the one year size. I guess I can blame it on sleep deprivation.

Oh, well. Just keep looking at the pretty sweater.