Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Actual spit-flying-from-mouth Ranting

Knitcrit can only have got to be fu*king kidding me. KIDDING me. Fu*king KIDDING me. I am currently watching Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention.

So far she's said that McCain ROCKS because he's a WAR HERO. And as a MOTHER of a soldier, she totally wants McCain to be president because he's a PROVEN LEADER. etc.

And now she's going on and ON about being a MOM and from a SMALL TOWN. She's JUST LIKE YOU. She's an OUTSIDER.

And we're so inspired by her being a woman and all. Women can TOTALLY do anything! Because look at what a great mom Sarah is!

Or in the slightly more eloquent/less pissed words of Slate:

The Sarah Palin candidacy could have been a moment for women to celebrate, in glass-ceiling terms if not policy advances. But it never should have stood for the notion that the only way a woman is going to make it to the White House is if she's the best mom in America first.


Anonymous said...

I liked it last night when on CNN they played AC/DC, while everyone began clapping and moving their heads to the music before they even knew what it was...

And why should we need any other deciding factors to vote on, if America simply has to *feel* that Sarah Palin cannot be treated unfairly because she has less experience. Isn't it all about America? Isn't it all about how America feels when they vote for someone?

"Highway to Hell..."

tara said...

i totally agree.

Anonymous said...

But didn't you appreciate learning that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick?

Comments like these seem to repair the glass ceiling.

Abbeykins said...

hahaha... As an Alaskan that did not vote for her, AMEN.