Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time for a comeback?

I admit that the last time around, I thought the whole idea of the Knitting Olympics was kind of dumb. Now that I am older and possibly dumber, I am actually considering participating.

Loyal readers will recall my Wintergreen mittens tragedy, wherein I forgot the mostly-knitted project on an airplane and by the time I realized what I had done, it was Too Late. I did go and buy the exact same yarn for the project again, but on a whim decided to knit the Lillyfield mittens instead. Unfortunately, even though I was basically making gauge, it became clear about three quarters of the way through the first mitten that they were going to be immense, and so, after several months of denial, I bit the bullet and frogged the whole damn thing. For the record, Famous Knitblogger Grumperina actually had similar gauge problems with her Lillyfield mittens, and one of the reasons she is a Famous Knitblogger is she re-charted and otherwise rejiggered the entire pattern to make the mitten fit properly. I am not nearly that committed a knitter or, for that matter, blogger. Which may be why I am not famous.

I really did like the Wintergreen mitts, though, and I did pay for the see where I'm going with this. My knitting Olympics project could be the Wintergreen mitts comeback - a potentially happy ending to a heretofore sad story.

The only question is whether or not I should use the yarn I have. If I do, I accept that the original gray/white wasn't quite high contrast enough for the Wintergreen design. In the interest of perfect closure, I should use my original yarn color choices, or should I keep the white and buy a new contrasting color? And should I play on the Yarn Harlot team or figure out the Ravelry Olympics scene?


tara said...

hmm, good questions. I've been thinking of doing the yarnharlot's version but I can't figure out what is right project for me. I'm not going to knit a sweater in 17 days. I really shouldn't be taking on extra projects right now. And the shawl which is my other really big project is also just not going to happen in that space of time. so, do I just pick a pattern from the electic sole? is my event to start a shawl? that seems lame, lame, lame

I'd say that you'll regret it if you don't increase the contrast in the yarn. Hopefully this mittens with have a long life span on your hands so you don't want to be thinking... hmm, why didn't I try (insert color here)

chelle said...

I only wish I was in New York so I could produce the tear-jerking video of your struggles and eventual victorious comeback. (cue music here)