Friday, January 16, 2009

An extremely beautiful oven mitt

Checking gauge might have been a good idea. I am proceeding with the at this point possibly very delusional hope that the mitten won't be too big for the tiny, thin bones of my should-have-been-a-pianist/osteoporosis-here-I-come hand.

But the pattern itself is very pretty.

Maybe felting would shrink it enough? Does alpaca even felt? Or maybe I need to think about who among my friends has big hands.

I have also started one of three baby projects for one of three friends due in May. All three are Canadian - two, however, are living in exile from their homeland, so that kind of blows this theory I was working on where the sex lives of Canadians are largely controlled by the extreme Canadian weather.

Filatura deCrosa has recently come out with a new line of colors for its (machine washable) Zara merino line. It's a bit hard to see from the photo, but there's a lovely heathered twist mixed in with the colors.

It's quite disheartening to think of them covered in baby puke.


Abbeykins said...

It is a beautiful mitten!! Big or not, it is pretty. I never do a gauge and I have this problem. I knit mittens that were so tiny, they would only fit my tiny sister in law.

That's a good method for picking out yarn for baby. "How would this look with puke on it?"

tara said...

yes, i am pretty sure that alpaca felts. they are GORGEOUS!
i try to knit swatches but usually do them too small: a 2x2 inch one or less & sometimes my gauge goes horribly wrong.

for ex: i hate to fly so once i started knitting, i bring a project to help me focus- particularly during take-off & landing. i was working on socks for my hubby & i had checked gauge *BUT* not for the actual stitch just for stockinette. the guy sitting next to me asked if i was making a sweater for one of those teacup dogs :) I was so delusional that I kept knitting until I returned home a week later & released that it was way too big. my first sock for myself also was too big- it fit my dad- he wears a size 14!

Ashley said...

Re: your musings about sex lives of Canadians living both at home and abroad... perhaps, even as sojourners far away from the Great White North, we are all hardwired by our frosty early years to eventually produce offspring when our hippocampi musings predict spring/summer in Canada.

Elizabeth said...

I've never had luck felting alpaca but I haven't tried real hard, just threw some swatches in with the wash. Zero feltage.