Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mmmm. Noro. Pretty.

Not much else to say - I re-wound one of the balls of yarn to get brown stripes at both ends of the scarf, though in retrospect this fit of anal retentiveness might not have been in the spirit of the design. Now the ends are slightly mismatched, which is way more annoying than the quirky charm of totally mismatched. Of course I will wear it anyway - in fact, I broke it in today by taking a walk across Central Park to check out a few exhibits at the Met. It was a cold, gray, rainy January day, and the scarf kept me warm and dry, if not exactly cheery.


tara said...

very nice!

Abbeykins said...

I like it !

Ashley said...

I like it too. No problem, looks eclectic-y mismatched, not annoying.