Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cunning mittens

Looking at the teams over on Ravelry, I saw that (1) there was a Big Damn Heroes team and (2) one of the team members was none other than my long-lost spinning teacher from a very unhappy year I once spent in central Pennsylvania as an assistant professor. Shiny, right? So I decided to join the Browncoat Olympians and go for it. It is amazing how many hard core Joss Whedon fans also appear to be hard core knitters. I am apparently absolutely typical after all.

I figure if I do 15 rows a day, I'll have my Wintergreen mittens finished by the time the gimpy Canadian Olympic torch goes out. This cold calculation doesn't make for much Olympian drama, though of course the chances that I will actually manage to keep to this schedule are minimal. Plus of course I have dramatic back story - the Mitten Comeback - to keep things exciting.

I decided that tara is right - if I did the original gray/cream color combination even though I didn't think it had enough contrast I would always and forever think about how I should have re-knit the mittens using better colors. So I've taken the cream from the originals and added a lovely natural brown - both Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight.

The brown alpaca/Browncoat tie-in is pure serendipity.


tara said...

o i like! you can't go wrong with brown in my book.
did you know that joss whedon was one of the writers of toy story??? we've recently been diversifying wsk's movies because if i watch cars one more time, i can't be accountable for my actions and lo & behold. toy story- whedon
i guess i can see it a bit? but it still shocked us

hopefully i post later today about my 'event'

tara said...

knit sprint time- tomorrow we cast off! Actually I might medal tonight & then block it before bed.

can we knit it, yes we can! (sorry i'm stuck in bob the builder world)