Friday, March 21, 2008

Hopefully in the end this won't look like someone barfed purple yarn all over my chest

I'm not one for spring/summer adult knits, but currently the only things on the needles are the wedding stoles and Cousin Liz's baby's gift. The wedding stoles require the kind of concentration and optimism of which I am only possessed for a narrow window of not more than two hours in the morning (and I generally like to use that time for Actual Work); Cousin Liz's baby's gift, on the other hand, is so fun and easy that it almost doesn't feel like knitting, and anyway, god forbid we have too much fun and/or ease.

The Buddha, as my sweet little undergraduates have just learned, taught the middle way, and also so far as I know he didn't forbid spring/summer adult knits, so yesterday I spent a good amount of time on Ravelry trying to find something interesting to knit, requiring concentration while also being unlikely to reduce me to tears. A close runner-up was Ruth Homrighaus's Tokyo (Ruth is also the talent behind Sheldon), but the winner as of yesterday was Stephanie Japel's Drop Stitch Lace Tank.

A visit to my most local yarn store - Yarntopia - turned up the pattern book and some nice purple Princess Classic Elite.

Last night I swatched and I learned two things: (1) drop stitch lace is really fun! and (2) this pattern walks a fine, fine line between being interesting in a good way and looking like a big pile of yarn barf. For now, on the strength of how fun it is to do drop stitch lace, I'm going to proceed according to plan, and hope that the plan comes together. dah da daaa, da daa dum...

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