Monday, March 24, 2008

one of the many reasons I do not tell my students about this blog

I decided to knit the drop stitch lace tank in the round; this entailed minor modification of the cast-on stitch count since I wouldn't need the stitches alloted for the seaming of edges. No problem.

Seventy-six minus four is seventy two. Seventy-two divided by eight is nine. Seventy two plus seventy two is one hundred and fifty four. No. Wait.

One hundred and forty four. One of the nice things about knitting is the ease with which one can return a project to its primal, original form. It's very Upanisadic, come to think of it.

Also, I am not dumb. They have a new name for dumb now. It's called dyscalculia, and while it is not recognized by blogger's spell check, it is recognized as a learning disability by the federal government, and therefore it is something for which public schools must provide remedial instruction. Anything that gets tax money has to be real, or is possibly rendered real by the infusion of tax dollars.


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Ashley said...

I love that "tank tops" is a category on this blog.