Sunday, February 3, 2008

Obamamania is running wild, Mean Gene!!!

On the streets of the Upper West Side, just hours ago...

Obammie #1(wearing "Women for Obama" button): Vote Obama! Obama for Change! (waves stickers and tags)

Knitcrit: (in constructive dialogue-esqe tone that in no way reflects her true feelings of rage) Hey, are you aware of Obama's sponsorship of the Coal to Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2007?

Obammie #1 : uh. no. The what?

Knitcrit: It's not a very environmentally friendly process.

Obammie #1: uhhh. (attempting to sound sincere, but falling far short of Knitcrit's masterful performance) Thanks! I want to be informed!

Knitcrit: (walking away, still fully in character) no problem!

Two blocks later

Obammie #2: Obama! Vote Obama!

Knitcrit: (again with masterful display of sincerity) Hey, are you aware of Obama's sponsorship of the Coal to Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2007?

Obammie #2: Uh. no. (he continues, earnestness incarnate) But I want to be informed! What was that again?

Knitcrit: The Coal to Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2007.

Obammie #2: (fumbling for writing utensil) Could you say that bill again? I want to remember and...(tapers off)

Knitcrit: You can look it up on Project Vote Smart.

Obammie #2:

Knitcrit: The website. Have you heard of it?

Obammie #2: uh - no - but I will check it out! Thank you!

exit knitcrit, on her way to the local yarn store to buy a #2 crochet hook to finish edges of current knitting project.

Okay, honestly, Obama attempted to disassociate himself from this bill after enormous pressure from environmentalists, but the alternative amendment proposing carbon emissions standards he introduced was, according to Los Angeles Times, dismissed by cloture. The point remains, however, that he initially sponsored the legislation for bloody obvious political and shortsighted reasons.

I wasn't going to blog about the Upper West Side Obammies - I was just going to let it be because god knows activism is an endangered species in this country and it should be encouraged even if it's woefully underinformed. Obamamania has actually been grating on me for weeks - our downstairs neighbors are rabid Obammies; only just out of dorms and not totally acclimated to civilian life, they've gradually papered their door with newspaper pictures of Obama, one with a witty "I couldn't have done it without [neighbor's name]" cartoon word balloon pasted over Obama's head. Ha ha. I laugh every time I walk by it on my way up or down the stairs of our fabulous walkup apartment. Ha ha. ha ha.

But I really was going to keep it all in, let people have their inspiration, be glad for the activism, smile and repress, smile and repress, and then...

...I got home and this ecstatic email and attached video from MoveOn put me over the edge:
On Friday, MoveOnMembers voted to endorse Barack Obama. Then a friend sent me this video. It really says a lot about why people are moved by Obama. If you're supporting him, or still on the fence, please check it out. And if you like it as much as I did, send it on. Here it is:

click here

And, having watched the video, I can agree that it does say a lot about Obama supporters.


chelle said...

What does it say about them? That they're all preternaturally attractive human beings?

cb said...

well, yeah...extremely good bone structure seems to be a prerequisite for being an Obammie. That is to say, to be an Obammie, you must be really, really shallow.