Thursday, February 14, 2008


There's a veg south Indian joint I frequent after work. Today wasn't a workday, but I was at Knitty City being initiated into the wonders of the integrated (aka attached) i-cord when I got a call from the department secretary. As it turns out, she was not calling to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day, but rather, to ask me why I wasn't at the department meeting. Oops. Bad untenured assistant professor. In the past, we have always gotten a email reminder, but for some reason this time the department head forgot to send one and I had written the meeting date in the wrong place in my datebook, and so I had to rush down to campus, feeling guilty the whole way.

After the meeting I went to this south Indian restaurant for a much-needed quick non-pizza lunch, and owing to the staff's peculiar insistence upon always seating customers right next to one another (even if the entire restaurant is empty), I ended up sitting practically on top of a couple on what was obviously a blind date that was not going particularly well. The boy, lily white as I am - though unschooled in the ways of south Indian restaurant fare - was gently guided through the menu by his lovely Indian lady date, and soon they had a table full of exotic food.

Lily White New York Banker Guy: What's that?

Indian Lady: (encouragingly) That's an idli. (She pauses to give LWNYBG a chance repeat the word. He does not avail himself of the opportunity. She moves on.) It's actually a breakfast food.

Lily White New York Banker Guy: huh - okay - which of these sauces is the best?

Indian Lady: Well, all the sauces are good. (takes bite of idli) mmm...they're the first thing I crave when I --

Lily White New York Banker Guy: (out of nowhere, the most he's talked the entire meal) When you're hung over?

Indian Lady: (carrying on valiantly) -- when I go back to India.

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Abbeykins said...

i hate when they forget to tell me about meetings being cancelled or those that are scheduled.

Poor indian lady. that dude is clearly looking for the girl he can be smarter than. Maybe he was just really nervous. Then again, maybe he's just an idliot. :)