Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Grading under the Influence

Some people - not me - might be bitter about coming down with the flu the day before finals end.

I, however, see this as a real opportunity. Perhaps this is the key to making sense of all those bad student papers. Maybe now all that incoherent prose will resolve itself into a coherent, conquerable whole. Like on Buffy, season 2 episode 18, where Buffy has to induce a high fever to see the evil monster that's killing children in their hospital beds.

Of course, bad undergraduate papers don't have anything in common with an evil, child-killing monster. I wouldn't want to imply that at all.


chelle said...

Jack and I are feeling icky too...something must be going around. Love the "sanity cap"...I need one of those too.

- Chelle

Ashley said...

I venture to ask if this is the original thermometer about which I so ignorantly pestered you in Ladakh?