Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Goose Must Die

The assassin is wearing Fetching, a freebie pattern from's summer 2006 edition, knit with one ball of Bouton d'Or's Ksar plus about 10 yards of leftovers from the Bouton d'Or Gretel beret project.

Fetching, finished last weekend, is currently the most popular pattern on Ravelry. We're nothing if not groundbreaking here at knitcrit, though in my defense I will say that my original pair of Fetching (knit long ago in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino) was lost in a careless moment in an airport shuttle in San Diego, soon after the driver nearly killed everyone on board by attempting to rectify a bad exit ramp choice by veering back from the ramp onto the highway. Somewhere in all that gratitude over still being alive, I forgot that my gloves were on my lap, and when I got out of the shuttle (trying very hard not to make eye contact with the driver because it's just so embarrassing to be almost killed in an airport shuttle), they fell on the ground and were lost forever in a climate where they're completely unnecessary.

The goose, made in a Chinese prison and liberated from a local claw machine by the man of the house, has been a source of great strife since he landed in our entirely too small apartment. I hate the goose; Todd loves the goose. I once hid the goose at the bottom of my laundry basket for two months and told Todd that I had given it to a small boy on the corner of 1o4th and Amsterdam. And the whole time Todd kept pestering me about the goose like it was his freakin daemon or something, and finally I just gave up and gave the stupid goose back to him.

And please note, wiseass friends reading this blog, that sometimes a goose is just a goose.

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