Friday, May 15, 2009

There is a first and last time for everything

About a month ago, I was tipped off on an 80% off store closing sale at Cadeau Maternity. I got there bright and early and emerged, dazed, two hours later, saddled with two massive bags of high-end European maternity clothing and enormous feelings of inexplicable yet also somewhat explicable guilt - inexplicable because all these fabulous items had cost me a mere, totally within my budget $240 and somewhat explicable because my Calvinist-esque upbringing could serve as a case study for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Weber was absolutely correct about everything he said in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

Walking home from a meeting this past Thursday, a woman in the fashion industry stopped me on the street and asked to take my picture - she worked for a maternity design firm, and she took my picture even after I had nearly scared her off with a panicked, slightly guilty monologue about how the only reason I perhaps looked good was because Cadeau was having an 80% off sale and if it weren't for that I would never be worthy of such attention and praise.

The outfit, in all its decadent, guilt-inducing glory:


chelle said...

It's true, you do look scandalously fabulous. Your cutting-edge style makes me miss New York even more than I already did.

Abbeykins said...

ACK! You look AWESOME! Fabulous work on the bargains!

tara said...

wow- great clothes & bargains! you look fabulous.