Saturday, May 2, 2009

The first in a series of posts on knitting the most exquisite pooping surface imaginable

I spent $119 on a special order of Blue Sky Silk Alpaca in an absolutely stunning silver gray (it shines in a way that defies digital imaging) and now I need to find a baby blanket pattern worthy of it.

Not that this will be the blanket used to take our baby home from the birthing center - that honor goes to some no doubt acrylic heirloom thing my in-laws are insisting upon. I figure choose your battles - Todd and I get to make decisions regarding name and vaccination schedule, so if they want me to wrap the kid in acrylic for cab ride home, well, fine. After that, only silk alpaca for my baby. And yes, I am aware that babies spend half their time leaking out of their diapers and the other half barfing and that maybe something machine washable might have been a better choice, but I hate the way superwash feels and I don't like knitting with cotton and I don't think I even need to say why acrylic is not an option.

Besides, having a kid isn't practical, so why should the yarn for its blanket be?

I was originally thinking about this pattern:

But now I don't like it as much.

Then I was thinking about using the Stripes and Torchon Lace shawl pattern and just making it more of a square:

but I swatched up the central diamond pattern and worry that the lace is a little too open (dime for sense of scale). I knit this on a 5:

Then I thought of doing a lattice only portion of the Hanami stole pattern:

But now I think it may be a little too Eddie Bauer Home for my taste...

Then I found this one on Ravelry and I think I love it:

But isn't Estonian lace supposed to be a nightmare to knit? The Ravelry knit along chat for this pattern involves discussions of the best way to knit 3 into 9 stitches every 8th row - that means a lot of pulling and twisting, for sure. Probably not fun, and the pattern is $5, so I'd have to buy it to see how bad knitting it would actually be. Then again, after $119 it's a little ridiculous to balk at $5.

What should I do?


Michelle said...

Go with the last choice--it screams "heirloom."

tara said...

I love the one you swatched but I agree that it looks too open- you'd hate to get it snagged on everything -esp tiny baby fingers & toes.

The last one is just awesome! But I've got zero lace experience so I'm not sure if it would turn into the baby blanket for the grandkids or what.

I ripped mine back a couple of times & still am not a 100% happy with the final product. & then he's shown zero interest in blankets... at least it's warm & alpaca :)

Abbeykins said...

I think you should knit which ever one hits your inspiration button on the day you start. All are beautiful... The diamonds are more open then they should be. Estonian lace isn't that bad, but it depends on how patient you are.

Also, why are the in-laws sending you something acrylic? Ick! But the heirloom thing... I get it...

The yarn is beautiful... I have some in cream, it's beautiful.

Berberella said...

hi! i love the last one, although i don't love the edging on it. think i would prefer a straight edge. my second choice would be the first one, which looks WAY easier if that's a factor ...