Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cardigan Confessional Redux

I had this plan to make db a blanket; loyal readers will recall that there was a lot of pattern research and swatching and hand wringing and finally a decision to make db a blanket in Blue Sky Alpaca Silky Alpaca (50/50 silk/alpaca) in the most beautiful silver-gray color imaginable.

But then my aunt gave me a hand knit blanket that I had made for her son, and Todd's mother gave me the blanket made by Great Aunt Nettie and Todd's mother's friend gave me a hand crocheted blanket and THEN the mother of one of my oldest and closest friends gave me a jaw-droppingly stunning hand knit blanket.

The photos are from January, which is a sad meditation on how busy I have been these past few months. Anyway. How many hand knit blankets does one baby need, particularly given the fact that all we ever put her in anyway are those overpriced Halo sleep sacks because we are paranoid about SIDS?

I did make some limited progress on the silk alpaca blanket, but upon realizing that I had made a slight error 20 rows after the fact, I kind of lost interest and drowned my frustrated sorrows in a little worsted-weight instant gratification - so there was the aviator cap phase and also the pink top-down raglan, which is now finished and adorable.

Cute, eh? Db is currently obsessed with buttons, so I am leaving them off for the time being.

So I decided that there were better uses for my beautiful silk alpaca; currently I'm about 3 rows into this vintage-esque cardigan for me -

It's a freebie from Drops. I'm hoping that I finish it by Christmas.


tara said...

ooo that is a lovely blanket- i can see why you decided to skip the blanket. wsk never has used his.

i think the sweater is quite charming :)

Roxie said...

sorry to drop in like this, but I'm trying to reach abbeykins from itsathreebeaglenight, she isn't checking her blog site, and I don't seem to have a working e-mail. Can you help? She has an Australian sheep that's supposed to be traveling America, and I haven't heard from her for a month.

Roxie at

Awesome knitting, by the way!