Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Upstate is a different land

Growing up, I never understood why Democratic candidates would always win New York's senate seats, this despite the fact that my parents and everyone I knew voted Republican. I didn't understand about the New York City factor until I was older.

A recent trip upstate to visit my parents reminded me of my conservative roots, which I manage to repress most of the time here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is pretty much the bleeding liberal heart of the western world. So yes, I am aware that I've been away from Kansas for a while, but even still, I couldn't help but find this envelope - here photographed in the wild, sitting on top of my parents' stack-o-mail - a little disturbing.

Is it me or does that Eagle's beak look a little longer and more predatory than is strictly necessary? Ready to peck out the eyes of filthy illegal immigrants, perhaps? To feast upon the steaming entrails of freshly disemboweled MoveOn members? To pick clean the bones of Obama's dead on arrival attempt to reform healthcare?

On the bright side, The Land of Upstate is home to some spectacular winter sunsets.

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Abbey said...

Finally getting around to reading blogs since the new year!

Wow, the RNC huh... even a membership card. Wow. Well, at least it's not genetic. My mom voted for republicans back in her day of actually living in Kansas... now she's a liberal.

The eagles beak does look a bit long and foreboding. But then again, how would we know how patriotic it is if it wasn't over done?