Monday, December 14, 2009

bottoms, tops, and a disturbing bustier

We haven't been so much with the blogging this past month here at knitcrit mission control, though there has been a fair amount of knitting and also a fair amount of criticism, the latter mainly taking the form of yelling at the TV whilst helplessly watching the public option die a slow, painful death. The former, a much more pleasant subject, involved knitting a soaker to go with Topaz out of the leftover light green - baby girls don't sit like ladies (the bulky diaper gets in the way, I suppose), so one way to help them pull off the dress is to provide a coordinated underlayer. In this case, the soaker I knit to go with Topaz also looks very cute with db's monkey onesie.

This was a freebie on Ravelry, searchable under the name "Fancy Pants." I had no idea what a soaker was before about three weeks ago and it turns out there's quite a range of soaker patterns out there, so I can't say that I had any reason for choosing this one - I can't even remember how I found it, actually.

For the past few winters, Todd has worn an embarrassingly ugly black knit hat emblazoned with the ASCAP logo (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). In some ways, this is the type of hat that one can indeed get away with wearing on the northern fringes of the Upper West Side, but I finally got sick enough of looking at it to make him probably the millionth Koolhaas to be worn on the streets of New York City. No matter - it looks great, of course - it's really a bulletproof pattern.

Db wonders why her dad gets the cool hat.

And finally, as I begin to contemplate my return to work at the end of January, I find myself looking at this this lovely image and wondering what exactly I find to be profoundly wrong with it. Besides everything.


Abbeykins said...

the soakers are way cute, especially with the monkey shirt! SWEET!

I could never get into the koolhaas hat. It was like Odessa... for some reason, I couldn't believe that I was knitting it right and therefore, never passed the 10th row... a shame really, it's an awesome hat!

the bra - weird, but watching my friend pump with one hand and trying to eat or do anything with the other, I can see why you would want such a thing. Doesn't mean I would use it. :D

I've all but given up on watching the news with the sole exception of The Daily Show and Colbert. It's sad when they make it feel better to be up on current affairs and the news on NBC just makes you want to kill yourself.

tara said...

Like the hat & the soaker. one of my friends gave me a handmade card for my baby shower that featured a pic that one of the bra with a caption: Tara at work next year! It kinda freaked me out... but now that I've tried to balance the pumps on my desk while trying to type papers, etc. well, it's not so funny if it keeps you from spilling milk. needless to say I never bought one but if I had a double pump it would have been very 'handy'.

chelle said...

Honestly, I find the pump bra terrifying. Reminiscent of a dairy...