Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Topaz complete!

Not too much to say about this uneventful, cute little knit.

It's surprisingly wearable - normally I think dresses look stupid on very young babies, but db pulls it off, I think.

The rather pricey Hanna Anderson tights, however, are immense - I will definitely have to knit a pair of matching green mary-janes to conceal how big the feet are.


Abbeykins said...

She is beautiful and you look fabulous! That dress is way cute and looks cute on her. I agree some babies look funny in dresses... She does not.

tara said...

it's very cute & so is she :) i think it's hard to get the dress just the right length- they either looking like they're wearing a miniskirt then you have to put one of those lacy bummed hotpant shorts on them or they're wearing a gown.

i love the hanna anderson stuff for girls SOO very cute but their boy stuff is eh.