Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This just in from the baby bunker

Today the daughter, or, as we call her here on Knitcrit, db, is one month old. I have learned a lot about babies in the past four weeks; I have also learned that there is no end to the number of ugly-ass pink baby outfits that China can churn out. Is it rude to beg relatives - and particularly in-laws - to lay off the pink? Or at least lay off the pink velour?

I can almost imagine doing non-baby care related things again - I am planning a new small project for Todd's incoming niece (description forthcoming) and I am making some progress on db's blanket (recall: October deadline). The gift for the last of the May babies needs to be felted and then it's done. I've never felted before and fear a disaster, either with the project or with the washing machine. Knitty has a good discussion of how to felt but I'm open to other sources of information if there's anything good out there.

For db's fall wardrobe, I am thinking of Topaz from Knitty:

It looks like a quick, fun, wearable knit. I don't harbor any illusions of db appreciating it, though, if her reaction to her first knits is any indication:


tara said...

I have had to work harder than I expected to get my knitting to felt. I have a front loader so I guess it isn't ideal for felting & that may be why I had to felt 'vigorously.' I just used one of those zippy mesh bags for washing your stockings (although I've heard a pillow works just as well).
thanks for the link for the castoff- i'm going to give that a whirl tomorrow or sometime soon.
LOVE the knitty pattern. I don't find it rude to comment on clothes preferences although I have to say that my in-laws haven't listened to a THING that I say.

Abbeykins said...

Some day, she'll appreciate everything you ever knit her. Until then, she'll just cry because something new is on her.

As for felting, I use the washing machine, give it 8 - 10 minutes, usually right where I want it.

As for the pink, my mom tried no pink and asked for no frills and no pink. Everything she got was pink and frilly. There are no pictures of me in anything pink or frilly. Just because she received it, doesn't mean you have to put it on her... "Oh, the dress you gave her? It's in the laundry, she spit up on it..." Problem solved.