Friday, December 19, 2008

Beautiful but boring

As promised, some photos of the post-mitten-tragedy healing project:

It's the Noro two color striped scarf, colorways 245 and 268, four balls. Photographing the colors accurately proved to be much more challenging than the knitting itself. The stripes that look black are really deep purple; otherwise, thanks some quality time spent in iphoto, I think I've got the rest of the colors about right.

Halfway through, I am bored, which I take as a sign that I have healed and am ready to start the Lilyfield Mittens.


tara said...

ah it's the scarf that the yarnharlot has been knitting. I like them quite a bit.

can't wait to see the colorwork on the hand. the lilyfield is lovely.

Abbeykins said...

I like the scarf. It's always a good healing instrument. I may have to try one of those, it's pretty!